Traffic Kahuna – How To Create A Flood Of Free Traffic For Your Website

March 12, 2008

Traffic Kahuna – How To Create A Flood Of Free Traffic For Your Website

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One of the biggest mistakes people make online is failing to promote their sites or their offers.

It’s fine to learn the skills of building websites and blogs but sooner or later, one needs to take stock and ask themselves what’s next. Well, “next” is actually the most important aspect of succeeding online and that’s driving traffic to a site.

Free Traffic Generation

Creating a traffic kahuna requires a good deal of skill and a reliable set of tools and strategies. The word kahuna is Hawaiian for medicine man or priest. Coming up with a plan of attack to attract traffic to a website sometimes requires a little therapy or divine intervention.

The truth is however, it’s not really rocket science and all it really requires is some focus and consistency in your business.

Links are the lifeblood of any website. Sure search engine optimization is vitally important but too many webmasters waste countless hours trying to get their SEO right on their site. Things like keyword optimized content and titles, meta tags and H1 tags are important aspects of on page optimization.

But they alone won’t get people coming to your site. Off page SEO in combination with marketing and promotion will attract visitors and get you search engine love. Links are what gives your site credibility within the search engines and gains you traction so you rank higher.

Once upon a time, any type of link was okay and quantity was the key. Not anymore. It’s more about quality links today – on theme links which relate to your sites topic will get you search engine love. Linking to sites with some authority is even better.

Going it alone can work if you have the dedication. However, unless you possess the skills then it will be a “long hard road to row.” Becoming part of a system – a co-op if you like where you can get quality one way links is of utmost importance.

Ideally, becoming part of a membership base where members exchange links through articles and blogs is how you can solve the problem of getting traffic to your sites.

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